What do you order when out for breakfast?



  • JONZ64
    JONZ64 Posts: 1,280 Member
    We have a great place, they use all locally grown/raised ingredients. I usually get eggs over easy & cornedbeef hash
  • stupidloser
    stupidloser Posts: 300 Member
    A triple cheeseburger w/avacado & mushrooms & sauteed onions. Large onion rings and large coke.:wink:
  • rduhlir
    rduhlir Posts: 3,550 Member
    Ate at Ihop yesterday for breakfast...had the 2x2x2 meal...but made swaps:

    Eggs (no swaps here, why swap something that is already loaded with healthy goodness?)
    Got turkey sausage instead of pork sausage or bacon.
    Ordered whole wheat pancakes instead of buttermilk, no butter (or butter on the side if I decide for butter lol).
    Asked for sugar free syrup.

    In the end breakfast was about 500 calories.