Is anyone else doing INSANITY?



  • I'm in Month 2 now and when you start it you think an hour is too much but I am so used to it now. I found it helps to cover up the timer so i dont see the actual minutes left to go. It has helped me focus more on the circuits! Good luck. I feel great!!
  • carolhubb
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    I started this week, today will be day 3. Doing my best to keep up but it's definitely a tough workout. But I'm not gonna quit!
  • jessica182517
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    WOW its nice to see other people are doing Insanity and are having just as hard of a time as me lol All of you feel free to add me so we can keep eachother motivated! I do not want to give up this time I really want to be able to say that I DID IT that I FINISHED that crazy INSANITY program! LOL Thanks for all the tips you guys :)
  • michael1976_ca
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    i'm starting for the seacond time to on monday last time i made it past week one then home problems hit
  • mschicagocubs
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    Been doing insanity for almost 3 weeks now! I started cold turkey after not working out over the holiday season....and I'm getting better at it!! That is the most important keep at YOUR pace and to KEEP GOING!!! It gets hard and you will take breaks, don't get discouraged cuz you need to stop for a few seconds, they are professionals and are RIPPED, their stamina is going to be better than yours in the first month. I am absolutely dreading month 2 since month 1 has been so hard, but I refuse to stop!

    Go ahead and add me if you are participating in Insanity so we can keep each other motivated!

    Shaun T will do you right!