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Widget size and scaling needs fixing ASAP



  • kashndrkashndr Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Please, make it 3x1 or 2x1.
  • lpkalpka Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    totally agree. It is ludicrous.
  • chaelcodeschaelcodes Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    The widget size is super annoying, and it's not that difficult to fix. Send this thread of complaints to a dev, and it could be released in the next update.
  • alauberryalauberry Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Please fix the widget so that it only takes up a x1 height instead of x2. Since it visually only takes up a x1 space but occupies a x2 space, this prevents being able to load 3+ more shortcuts to my home page and visually leaves an off-center gap of blank space above and below the widget. This has been an issue for years now. Would you please fix it? There are so many people asking for this! Just in case you're not looking at the number of replies but the number of threads, I'm going to post this as a main thread as well. Thank you in advance for your assistance in solving this issue.
  • BattyKnitterBattyKnitter Posts: 503Member Member Posts: 503Member Member
    Add my voice to the many, many people wanting a smaller widget! This is ridiculous that it is taking so long!
  • gleonard3gleonard3 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    It's been said before, but COME ON!! Literally YEARS to fix a widget height?!? Sorry, that's just LAME. Obviously no developers at MFP are paying attention, or for that matter uses their own product. FIX IT!! Wow.
  • mknoycemknoyce Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    Yep, lame. Plenty of other apps can figure out a single height widget.. perhaps we should stop paying for premium till they address...
  • JoshoewhatJoshoewhat Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    This has been going on from at least 2014 XD This probably isn't monitored
  • Gregg_I_AmGregg_I_Am Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Fix this.
    Widgets are useful when not poorly designed.
    This bad design seems intentional & ignorant & inconsiderate-- and thus *unlike* most of MFP product.
    Fix this.
  • caidcaid Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Can't believe it hasn't been fixed after a year and a half
  • AliBailey87AliBailey87 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    +1 for making the widget 1 row high.
    I have read that the widget is displayed x1 for some devices, therefore I imagine devs are worried they will cause an issue for those devices.
    Add an additional widget which is x1 height, that way people can choose to use it if needed.
  • ScurvyDaveScurvyDave Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    This drove me nuts on my last phone and have revisited this thread a number of times...

    I installed Nova Launcher (alternative to basic home screen) on my new phone which allows resizing of widgets. You can find it on the play store. Happily using a 4x1 widget now.
    edited March 19
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