Anyone over 300 pounds when they started?



  • Alidecker
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    Amazing weigh loss stories here.

    I started at 320 and right now I am at 210, got to 188 and trying to get back there now.
  • I was super close 297. Down to about 239. I haven't weighed myself in about a week so it's around there. Very inspired by this post.
  • libelluler
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    I started at 317lbs, currently at 185. Started in Sept-2012.
  • michelle_8106
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    Great Job!
    I was 318 right after I had my son (Third and final baby) and I am currently 205!
    Its hard should be proud of yourself! I know that I am!!! :)

  • Lina4Lina
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    At my highest weight, I was 364 lbs. I lost 160 lbs at my lowest weight and maintained that for about 5 years until I had a variety of issues including injuries and a death in the family. I regained some but I'm working my way back down.
  • OneEyedWolf
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    I started at 330. I've been stuck on a plateau at 215 since before Christmas (sigh), but, I know I'll push past it eventually. Current goal is around 180-185 and go from there.
  • Cathalain
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    I started in September of 2012 at 343. Currently 235, hoping to get to 143. There's almost nothing left of my thighs (that was the first place the weight disappeared from) and my arms and face are slimming down fast. Like everyone else, it's the dreaded middle that won't go away, lol.

    I'm patient, though. I've got the rest of my life to keep working at it.

    Everyone on this thread is an inspiration to me. :)
  • Pirate_chick
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    295, close enough. I am working on getting down to 125.
  • Zilla100
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    I am so, so impressed with people that lose these large amounts of weight. It's hard enough to try to lose even 15 to 20 pounds, so you guys are really people I look up to! Well done!
  • Capt_Inzane
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    Started at 350 but didn't start logging again till around the 320. Now I'm down to 277 but a couple months ago was at 267. I'm going to run Savage Race April 19th and am pushing extremely hard to be around 220 then.
  • FinallyDoingMe
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    restarted at 292.8 on Jan 1 (total cliche, I know).
    My ultimate goal is 160-170. Ways to go but definitely on my way.
  • nkovacs1954
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    You bet….311 when I began. This time. I'm excited because I have yet to weigh myself again but I'm down two pants sizes, my 2xl shirts are getting baggy and wow, do I ever feel great.

    This site has been a vital part of being responsible for what I am doing…

    I'm excited to "weigh in" next week at the VA hospital in Madison, Wi. I have my next appointment with the nutritionist and thats when I'll actually see a number….but I also know its just a number.

    Come on spring, lets get that bike out.
  • shrinkingbrian
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    I hit my peak weight of 405 pounds in Feb. 2012. Two years later, I'm now at 189 pounds (height 6-0, 39 year old male) and I have now reached my goal weight. I focused on diet and exercise. Now, I'm focusing on maintaining a healthy weight and improving my overall fitness. It requires a ton of effort and determination, but you can improve your life for the better.
  • BL_Mark
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    Yep... I was 350 when I started MFP and within a year, I'm down 90lbs with 60 to go.
  • patsypooter
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    September 2012 I was 325lbs. I stuck to a strict keto diet and got down to 300ish around Christmas. I developed terrible IBS, at the time I had no idea what it was so I thankfully changed my diet and symptoms got better. I was terrified for a long while to go on another diet however I still ate mostly very healthy. I gained a bit of weight and weighing 305 this past December 2013, I started a diet specifically for people with IBS. I was sick of living in pain. I am now over a month in and I weighed in this morning at 281. My IBS pains are almost entirely gone and I am learning my trigger foods (apples, sweet potatoes, raw carrots to name a few).

    I can't tell you how great it is to hear from people who have been where I was and got down to their goal weight. I can't wait til my little ticker says 100lbs lost!
  • ldrosophila
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    I was (could still be if im not careful)
  • Tim_Moritz
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    I was about 320, 13 months ago and now I've been stuck at 240 for the past 4-5 months..
  • BlueAngelChar
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    me and have lost 111llbs so far
  • I am 6'3 and weighted 374 when I started. Now down to 236. Feel great. Exercising again and loving life.