How Often Do You Weigh In?



  • palmerdanielle
    palmerdanielle Posts: 341 Member
    I normally do once a week, occasionaly twice, right now I'm doing twice as my weekly recorded weigh in is Tuesday, but I joined a challenge group where their weigh in day is Friday, so I'm doing that currently, but I think I prefer once a week even though the wait makes me a bit antsy, it's usually worth it because I'll see a bigger loss than if I do twice weekly.
  • brdnw
    brdnw Posts: 565 Member
    i probably weigh myself about 8 times a day. I always want to know where i am and how my weight fluctuates throughout the day based off loss in water weight (like from cardio) and so forth, this way if i'm 2 pounds lighter one morning from the next, i'll know how real that 2lb loss is since i know how much my weight had fluctuated from the previous day. pretty much now whenever i weight myself, from my workouts and what i eat i almost always know exactly what my weight is before i even do it, there's no surprises, if i eat a steak dinner and drink, i know what it does to me and it keeps me more conscious to make good eating decisions.
  • bikrchk
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    Once per week. Any more is a recipe for crazy, at least for me!
  • nathalier71
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    Once a week - usually on Sunday - sometimes Saturday instead.
  • cheripugh1
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    Once a week is perfect! If you do it everyday you will drive yourself crazy... if you do it every two weeks or once a month things can get out of hand real easy. Until you perfect the new way to eat and workout you need to keep a handle on it, and weighing in once a week tells you if you lost or gained, or even stayed the same and then you can look at your program for that week and see what you changed or didn't change that is or isn't working for you.. anyhow that is my opinion.
  • stewsh
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    I weigh once a week because I don't have a scale at home and I only work weekends, so I use the scale at work :)
  • BigGuy47
    BigGuy47 Posts: 1,768 Member
    once a week
  • I weigh myself once a week, I also get discourage if I see my weight go up and down. once a week works good for me. sometimes my weight is steady and when I weigh my self the following week I see a significant weight drop. "and that is a good feeling"
  • Iwishyouwell
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    I haven't weighed in since mid-August.
  • Iwishyouwell
    Iwishyouwell Posts: 1,888 Member
    I haven't weighed in since mid-August.

    'bout time you bought new scales!

    I own a scale. I just chose to stop. I go by the visuals in the mirror and clothing sizes. I decided to not weigh myself again until a pair of the smallest jeans I've ever worn as an adult are loose. They fit now, so it shouldn't be much longer.