How to make plain Greek yogurt taste good



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    I usually mix it in with other stuff I'm cooking, sometimes I have it plain with protein powder mixed in
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    2-3 packets of stevia & Lots of Cinnamon :) I'll add some sliced amonds and frozen blueberries.

    2-3 packets of stevia, Apple Spice,& sliced apples

    2-3 packets of stevia, pumpkin slice & bananas

    Dear God... might as well replace crack cocaine with the stevia. Artificial sweeteners are a chemical mess...

    I like my chemical Mess!!! I'm still ripped tho so what's your point????

    What exactly is wrong wtih stevia?
  • The full fat greek yogurt is so much tastier then the fat free stuff. It's so rich, creamy and yummy I can just eat that straight out of the tub by itself. As if is I usually add 1 tsp of maple syrup and blueberries and call it breakfast