Trainer says to Net 1000 Calories?!



  • skinnyinnotime
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    you are a smart woman. the math is correct but the health as you said is crazy. Concentrate not on calories but on making your goal over the next 2 weeks to eat 75% of calories from the fruit and vegetable family. This will fire up your metabolism.

    What absolute nonsense.

    How on earth will fruit and veg 'fire' up anyones metabolism?!?
  • LeslieB042812
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    I just wanted to provide my 2 cents on the aspect of being hungry (and crazy grumpy!) on 1200 calories/day (or less). I've found that when I eat whole, fresh foods only (such as whole eggs, steak, chicken with skin, avocados, vegetables, nuts, fruit, etc.) and avoid processed foods, junk foods and refined grains completely, I am actually satisfied on less than 1200 calories/day. However, if I have breads (even whole grain) and/or "treats" those calories add into my total without filling me. :-)
  • geebusuk
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    On the above, I'll also say, I can eat 1200 calories of 'processed' food and be satisfied all day if I'm occupied by something, like working on a motorcycle project.

    Get me bored and and I can eat 1200 calories of whole (sic) food for breakfast and still want more!