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We set a date!



  • kerriluckokerrilucko Posts: 3,852Member Member Posts: 3,852Member Member
    Thanks! To the rest of you who are planning, I just found a great website, It is great for planning and finding great wedding ideas. It also helps you budget and keep track on guestlists!
  • dragonscapes24dragonscapes24 Posts: 114Member Posts: 114Member
    Congrats Kerri... I am so happy for you... august is such a beautiful month to get married in... I can't wait till we can set a date... I want a september wedding... outdoors... small... totally b.y.o.b.... don't mind if my friends drink but I am not going to pay for also you should check out bed bath and beyond... their web site has a wedding kit with a task manager and seating arrangement thingy... you can also make your own website for your wedding... it's pretty cool
  • mommared53mommared53 Posts: 9,554Member Member Posts: 9,554Member Member
    Congratulations!!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
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