• cwsreddy
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    I'm hybrid-ing it with my rock climbing, skipping most of the cardio, and focusing on lifting heavy. I also use that pause button like it's my job since the program is not conducive to building muscle since your heart rate is so consistently high - even in the resistance workouts. I like to let my HR settle before doing the next move.

    Gotta say though I think X3 yoga is pretty weak.
  • Sambo004
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    I am 56 days in and feel the same. No weight loss and no cms lost. Also up a bit. I love the workouts, but find I have to constantly give myself pep talks because I'm not losing any weight. I too will stick it out for the full 90 days though.
  • redheadmommy
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    I am also not experiencing the result I was expecting. No weight and no inches lost, no visual change.

    I started with a lot of baby fat to lose , but I am very strong. I gained almost 4 lb in the first 3 weeks when i was following the nutrition plan recommendation. I cut back a couple of hundred calories on the 4th week and finally the gain stopped. I went to an RMR testing at the end of the block 1 and the registered dietitian couldn't believe that I was eating that much on a program which supposed to help me lose weight. I cut back on calories even more and I finally back to my original weight by the 7th week. Not exactly the result I was looking for. Fat loss is simply creating calorie deficit. This program may burn 300 cal on average ( cardio days more, stretch days way less) , and if you use his to calculate your calorie intake you can create a deficit and lose fat. Unfortunately the nutrition plan calorie intake do NOT create a deficit, at leas in my case. Alternatively, you can add more cardio to your life and again creating deficit that way.

    There is a lot of positive changes though. I have more stamina, I became more flexible, have better balance, more agile, generally increase in overall finess level etc..
    Generaly I would say this a great maintanance program that keeps you fit, and improving overall fitness, getting back to the game etc. However it doesn't deliver dramatic result like the original P90x.

    I am half way and trying to decide what to do. Part of me want to keep going, just so I can say I finished it . Since week 3 I am having this debate , and I keep peptalking myself and saying it will change and the magic will happen etc. But week after week, it is not happening. If I finish it with this kind of mediocre non-result I am seeing so far , I will be even more disappointed wasting 13 weeks instead of switching over something more hardcore early on.
  • Sambo004
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    The best results I ever had were with Jillian Michaels programmes. Especially 30 Day Shred. I lost all my baby weight and more with her. I think I'm going to double up with some of her workouts added to P90X3.
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    I am on block 2. I started with the lean phase for block 1 and received no changes at all, no inches, weight not even my 30 day pics! So for block 2 I have switched it up to classic, I sure think I will have results now! Wish I didn't lose my first 30 days though, I may carry it on after I am done to replace block 1 I missed so I still get 3 full months on classic to see final results!
  • denver35
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    I just finished p90x3...and I'm really disgusted with my results-I gained over 2inches in my thighs and now look like a football player-

    I also gained 7 pounds. I followed the diet to a t until the end of block 2-I lowered my carb intake because I had gained 10 pounds..but lost 3 pounds since then....

    I am 5'8 and now weigh 160 pounds..I did weigh 153 and wanted to lose 8-10 pounds...

    I'm thinking of returning to p90x or doing Zumba as well maybe I'm one of the few that cannot get results by 30 minutes of exercise a day.

  • tmaristela
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    I agree, the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred got more weight off quicker in 1st 2 weeks than these 2 weeks of P90x3. I just started P90x3 so i don't have a final result yet. I think that doing the 30-day Shred has helped me prepare for P90x3 so I'm hopeful to see change in Block 2.
  • murf19
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    Loved P90X3. Finished it in March. I've been mixing T25, P90X3 and Les Mills Combat. All 3 are good and the workouts are quick and energetic. One in a while I'll do Insanity or P90X but the 3 programs I mentioned are really doing it for me right now.
    I'll be 50 in Nov and I'm in the best shape of my life! Love it.