100lbs in 2 years with PICTURES



  • BlueOrchidMoon77
    Celebrating 10 sizes down this week..........

    MOTIVATION--seeing your old size 32 jeans next to your new size 22 jeans.

  • Allison0504
    Amazing job that you've undertaken, and what a great perspective on your lifestyle journey!!!
  • jchap389
    jchap389 Posts: 54
    How did I do it? A lot of things...my parents & my aunt all died the same year at young ages and it kind of snapped me out of whatever mindset I was in and I just knew I was going to die if I didn't get healthy. I also got custody of my aunt's daughter and I wanted to be there for her...I started walking about 1 or 2 miles about 5 days a week. I cut WAY back on calories and I HAVE to use myfitnesspal.com every single day to stay on track. I can have 1600calories a day but I try to keep under 1200 in case I want to splurge one day, then I don't feel so guilty for it. I drink diet Arizona green tea all of the time and lots of water to fill me up so I won't be so hungry. And most importantly...I stopped hanging around and doing things for people that didn't care about me. You have to get rid of negativity in your life and truly believe you are FABULOUS and absolutely worth all of the hard work.

    You are amazing, such a great mindset to have! Thanks for sharing your story :)
  • JLGund
    JLGund Posts: 25 Member
    Fantastic! :flowerforyou:
  • michellewalker8866
    michellewalker8866 Posts: 66 Member
    You look great. I also noticed the small amount of weight that I have lost my shoes are getting bigger. I think that is so funny. You are doing a great job keep it up. I can't wait for the day I can post I have lost 100 lbs.
  • Kejeco1970
    Kejeco1970 Posts: 14 Member
    Wow! Good job girl! :)
  • ejtj1234
    ejtj1234 Posts: 80 Member
    You look great! Congrats!
  • kate0309
    kate0309 Posts: 26 Member
    Awesome job!
  • nattiebear84
    Wow. You are looking amazing. Well done and keep up the good work :smile:
  • heatparker
    You look great! Congrats
  • Qwertysaurus
    Qwertysaurus Posts: 11 Member
    Awesome work!
  • cheekym7
    cheekym7 Posts: 570 Member
    Great job! you look amazing!
  • LaLaLovely76
    LaLaLovely76 Posts: 73 Member
    Congrats!! What an awesome achievement!!!
  • mallory5385
    mallory5385 Posts: 45 Member
    You are doing a FANTASTIC job and look GREAT!!!! You are an inspiration to me!
  • BrownEyedG1rl
    BrownEyedG1rl Posts: 625 Member
    you look AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!!
  • crunchergirl
    crunchergirl Posts: 184 Member
    Congratulations on your great progress. You look awesome!
  • GoMilner
    GoMilner Posts: 20 Member
    Great job! Congratulations on your achievements!
  • carmendave
    carmendave Posts: 18 Member
    Congratulations! You're an inspiration!!!!
  • ErynV15
    ErynV15 Posts: 59 Member
    You look fantastic!!! Great job!!! :)
  • funnygal79
    funnygal79 Posts: 14 Member
    Amazing!! You look great - how motivational for the rest of us! :)
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