Would love ideas on eating my calorie intake or close to it



  • ker95texas
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    I really struggled to get my calories up to 1200 at first too - once I stopped eating all the garbage I was used to (chips, huge deserts etc...). I eat LOTS of snacks (mostly healthy) now, and include stuff like this in my food plan now that i've been convinced that eating too little slows weight loss.:

    Cottage cheese - 1 or 2% (1/2 cup is a serving, and it's actually about right @ 80 calories
    One or two ounces of sharp cheddar cheese
    Trail Mix
    Yogurt (I still do the nofat kind, but they're 80 calories apiece, easy to grab & eat & you can eat a number of them)
    Don't hesitate to use a pat of butter, or throw some cheese on stuff
    An apple adds 95 calories. A banana adds adds 110
    1/4 cup of dried cranberries is like 140 calories
    3/4 cup of Kashi (1 Pt) - Go Lean Crisp! - Toasted Berry Crumble, (don't knock it until you try it, although it's REALLY addictive) is 180 calories
    My latest love and savior of reaching my calorie 'minimum' - Zone Protein bars. Yummmmm. Stick some at your desk (to hide from the kids lol).

    A variety of things, depending on what fits your macros

    Takes some time to get it all right, huh? (i'm still working on it!!)
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    I like to include 2 or 3 whole eggs in my breakfast. 3 large eggs is 210 calories, throw some cheese on it and that's 35 more per slice. I normally eat between 400 and 500 for breakfast. Then a snack that is 90-150 twice a day, 400-500 for lunch and then I plan dinner around whatever is left in my calorie count.
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    If I have too many calories left over at the end of the day, I enjoy a snack and I glass of wine. My special treat!
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    Sounds like you are getting some good advice. I think we get so programmed to eat less like it sounds like you are doing that we forget we can have that little extra. You can so do this just a little tweeking here and there. When I was eating at 1250, I was always hungry. Now I am about 1400 and just that little difference made all the difference in weight loss also. Best to you and add me if you want for a friend. Can't have too many, lol