Should I log walking to class as exercise?



  • tk2222
    tk2222 Posts: 199 Member
    I don't usually log walking to class, errands, etc - it's too fluctuating and pretty small amounts, and I don't want to give myself that leeway. Also, I try to keep from getting too obsessive with logging so as not to burn out. I want to keep track of my exercise, not exhaustively quantify every single thing in my life. It's very tempting to have all those numbers to play with, but I know it's ultimately counterproductive for me in terms of long-term sustainability and making a genuine lifestyle change rather than it just being a project i'm doing on myself for a little while.
  • ValeriePlz
    ValeriePlz Posts: 519 Member
    I usually only log walks if they are over 1 mile.
  • nikkineidigh
    nikkineidigh Posts: 29 Member
    I started walking a few days ago for at least twenty minutes before I hit forty five minutes. If you stick with your diet, drink a lot of water; you lose a few pounds in a week. I lost three pounds already by walking.