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    I got this one last week. I come into the office sweaty every day, I ride in. I am a recovering Highland Games athlete, so still pretty big.

    anyhow- this lady that had apilate studio downstairs says-

    "for as much as you sweat you should be alot smaller"

    UM-- Most of my sweating has been done trying to get big!!!!

    oooh that's so mine, too. When I was around 280-307 lb several years ago, I would bring healthy lunches to work like cucumbers and hummus, a salad and yogurt, etc. Several women who were overweight but WAY smaller than me would say things like that to me. "You eat like a bird!" or the worst, "I would be so skinny if I ate like YOU!"

  • paulawatkins1974
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    "You're not nearly as mean as you look..."
    "Once I got to know you, I learned you were actually a nice guy."
    "Don't get too big."
    "Nice pants."
    "Wow, your socks actually match today!"

    the sock one.....lmao awesome!
    My socks never match. I'll weara pink one and an orange one. Not because I'm trying to make a statement. Just Because I really couldn't be bothered lol.

    You're beautiful for "any" girl. Period
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    The first time I got chubby in 3rd grade I was told by a girl, gosh don't you ever exercise? (not a compliment at all but the first indication I was not "one of them")
    In middle school "why do you always dress up for school?" (Because my body type looked awful in Jeans!)
    My best friend's boyfriend's mother after Fen Phen stopped working for me and I was slowly gaining again "Are you still losing weight?"
    And the one I ALWAYS get if I ever confide my weight to anyone is usually "I never would have guessed!" or "you carry it really well" or my therapist (MY THERAPIST MIND YOU) "I can't believe you are 300 pounds all you have is a belly, your legs and arms are skinny." Yes that is what is known as apple shape and is worse than if I was fat all over duh! also I had a major surgery and gained nearly 100 pounds afterwards so my brother says I have a butt on both sides, yeah that's real endearing... (teach me to make sure I wear long shirts, siblings are the worst!!! He's also the one who used to call me Miss Piggy and now swears it had nothing to do with my weight but the diva personality... like that makes it all better?)
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    When you get a backhanded compliment just nod, smile, and return the favor. Either the person will realize what they did and apologize, or get huffy because you nailed them. Either way, verbal jousting is fun.
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    One I used to get a lot: "Are you still growing?"
    "No I was born this height. My mom's vagina is WRECKED!"

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I recently got "Why are you still trying to lose weight? Men like something they can hold on to."
  • paulawatkins1974
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    Once before when I lost 70 lbs, a friend of mine who was also overweight said "Well you're so lucky it's easy for you" I'm like Easy? I worked like a dog! Wallked up to 2 hours a day, had a physically demanding job, (she wasn't even working) Was raising 3 kids, and watched her stuff her face every weekend when we'd go out for lunch while I ate a salad.
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    One I used to get a lot: "Are you still growing?"
    "No I was born this height. My mom's vagina is WRECKED!"

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I recently got "Why are you still trying to lose weight? Men like something they can hold on to."
    Like Hair
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    Until I lost weight, I didn't realize how much I used to get complimented on my accessories. Nice bag! I love your scarf! Now I get compliments on my actual appearance. It's like people wanted to say something nice, so chose something totally unattached to my actual person. It's kind of a bummer in retrospect.

    Also, agreed- you are super pretty :)

    Actually, I prefer these compliments. This is complimenting something over which I have total control. How I look is something I work at, but I'm only working with what I've got - which I may not be feeling all that great about, some days. Its also something safe to compliment - I follow very closely the rule that unless I've been invited to touch your body, then I am not invited to comment on it, because I never know why things are the way they are. Eating disorders and serious illness are not usually readily apparent.

    Best backhanded compliment: "She's kind of a *****, but she's got great t*ts."