[365-day streak] My Most Effective Recipe



  • DeboraW_55
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    I made this last night for Supper, really good for got the salsa. But still Delish! Thanks!
  • jbelles0820
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    I made this (with a few adjustments based on what I had on hand), and then stuffed peppers with it! It was very good!
  • chmtastic
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    bump! Sounds delicious! :D
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    You look great!
    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with us! :flowerforyou:
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    This sounds great! Thanks for the recipe!!
  • hubn8147
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  • RyanTahiti
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    2020 UPDATE - We're STILL making a big double batch of this every couple of weeks.
    Note: add ~3/4 c water to the rice & broth (check your rice package for exact portions)
    I still need to try it stuffed in peppers like many of you have recommended.
    Hope everyone's doing well. Keep it up!
  • Mita19
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    Sounds great!