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    I didn't recall when their deload week was, and that and no cardio but walking could be considered big recovery week.
    Or do the deload and then a rest week, first week back is the really strong week.
    But dropping to x 8 with higher weight from x 12 isn't really a deload and rest. Deload is usually a big % off 1RM, like 50%.
    I did the x 12 drop to heavier x 8 for six weeks bulking and saw great gains, but I could tell even there my recovery was not as good as it could be. And that was split set 2 x weekly. My last increase and rep drop coincided with last days in gym, so planned it out well.

    I just know most of those programs are not meant for people in a deficit with longer recovery times, not the cut workout.

    10 lbs for a 200 lb person is different than for a 120 lb person, right. That's why a % of weight gained, or better % of BF increase.
    Because perhaps you have great increase in LBM and not much in fat, could go longer. Or for whatever reason over holidays (I think we know the reason) the bulk is more fat.
    Because your size also dictates what the reasonable deficit is to cut it back out again and how long that takes.

    I'd say 2 weeks at that level is fine. Then use the last 4 weeks in that TDEE calc to adjust your numbers to result based TDEE - and go from there. But if you want 4 weeks, that is more accurate.

    So 2 weeks 2100 no gain and 2 weeks 2350 say 1 lb gain.
    4 wks avg 2225 - (1 lb x 3500 / 28 days) = 2100 tada

    But you throw your actual numbers and results in the TDEE calc and it does it for you, may come up with something different. So the fact 2 of the weeks was maintain doesn't skew the results.
    Plus it figures out what to increase in your standing service trades time to make the TDEE come out right.
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    yes... it seems the 1750 or so is your maintenence... so take anywhere from 250-500 cals off that and you should begin to see the loss you are looking for...
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    Just thought I would update again. I don't really have a question, just keeping up with the stats in my thread. I guess I would just wonder if you think things look alright over the past few weeks. It is what should be expected?

    6-6 132.3 2365 cals
    6-7 132.2 2453 cals
    6-8 131.7 2388 cals
    6-9 131.4 2336 cals
    6-10 131.8 2383 cals
    6-11 132.5 2415 cals
    6-12 131.9 2365 cals
    6-13 132.5 2395 cals
    6-14 132.2 2357 cals
    6-15 131.2 2360 cals

    I have the weirdest jumps up and down :/ It's fine, it just makes it really hard to know what the heck is going on. Overall it seems the trend is UP. My "set point" or whatever. Its again about that time of the month so that always throws a wrench into my weight numbers anyway.

    I have 2 more weeks at this calorie range, going to see it through until then. Honestly, I like eating at this number and I like the way I've felt and the gains in the gym so its not all bad. I just gotta keep reminding myself that some of that (I HOPE) is muscle and not all fat.

    Still all in all, I may be up a pound or so all told, MAYBE, since I started eating over maintenance. I've been at the 250 calories over deficit for 3 weeks now. My measurements are really all the same aside from the arms and thighs being up about 1/2 an inch. All of my clothes feel about the same, no real differences but then 1 pound or so, I wouldn't imagine much of a change.

    Really, I just wish there was some magic device you could use that would just tell you what your maintenance calories were lol I guess from the beginning (from when I started increasing my calories to work up to maintenance) I'm up about 2 1/2 pounds, as my lowest was 128.6 way back on May 1st and I'm at 131.2 this morning. That's not bad considering I had heard some people say they went up 10-15 pounds over their climb back up? I think I read that somewhere. Anyway that was what I had in my head when I started and what I was afraid would happen :)
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    Floating around the same weight with expected water fluctuations.

    Once you have a month of that daily data valid and invalid days, you can do a trend line in a spreadsheet to see what TDEE is for rolling month.

    Of course some is muscle, I'm sure even if big muscles aren't tapped out, some supporting muscles likely were by the level of weight lifting. That makes further increases possible.

    There is - expensive double-labeled water and the lab to process results to see what you are actually burning with all activity together. Only serious studies do that even considering the expense.

    Many with gains 10-15 seem to be ones that jumped straight up to an estimated TDEE, and that was really rough estimate, likely inflated.