Sweat pants



  • VoodooSyxx
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    Sweatpants are for amateurs. I wear BDU pants erryday. Lose some wait, snug up the side straps. Gain a little, let em out.
  • BinaryPulsar
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    I think they are gross and sloppy looking. I have honestly never seen anyone wearing them that it didn't look to me like they just rolled out of bed. In a "I haven't brushed my teeth and I smell" way, not the cute hair-tousled way that some guys like on girls in the morning.

    My sweatpants are black and have a fitted waist. They just happen to be that type of material. I look and smell clean. I get hit on. But, I don't care. I dance everyday. And when I'm not dancing I dress differently. I have seen crop sweat pants at roots that look nice. I have yoga pants and dance tights and skirts also.
  • phantasmagical
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    I expect the world to just be happy I'm wearing pants of any variety, sweat, yoga, or otherwise.
  • scorpiophoenix
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    Sweat pants are on within 5 minutes of me getting home.

    ^^^ This. I change into sweats or yoga pants before I even put the groceries up. If anybody has a problem with it they can just quit peeping in my window.
  • Lofteren
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    I like to deadlift in sweatpants so I don't tear my shins on the bar.
  • LC458
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    I workout in them, I sleep in them, I even go to the grocery store in them :noway:

    Love my sweats and yoga pants :love:
  • I pretty much live in them. On the way to training, on the way back from training, during training sometimes, during rehearsals far too often, sitting at home, shopping, travelling (especially on planes), rolled up to the knee in summer with a short top, wore some to a party once because I had snazzy new trainers and a nice top to liven the outfit up... yeah, I live in them. They also mean freedom to wear more comfortable underwear!

    Plus, the hottest guy I know also lives in them and his *kitten* (a dancer's *kitten*, omg) looks unbelievably good in them. I sometimes wear men's because they fit really well and we shop in the same places, so if we ever wear the same ones on the same day his *kitten* looks waaay better than mine and I wish I'd worn something else that day...
  • HerkMeOff
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    I let myself go a long time ago....
  • jofjltncb6
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    I like to deadlift in sweatpants so I don't tear my shins on the bar.

    This is probably a more attractive look than the knee-high socks I use for that. I've made my wife promise that if I keel over dead from a heart attack while deadlifting, that she'll take off or at least push down my socks before she dials 911.
  • Sinisterly
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    Oh hey, I have some pants that just became my pajamas that would have been perfect for this hahaha.
    They are soooo huge compared to how I was about a year and a half ago.

    So comfy to go to sleep in, now.. Just hope I don't lose my hips, or they'll be on the floor!
  • la_te_ra_lus
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    I like to deadlift in sweatpants so I don't tear my shins on the bar.

    I'm gonna have to give this a try.
  • in4nomz
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    My husband things my sexiest outfit is my compression running pants and sports bra.

    Likewise, but my boyfriend...not husband. He prefers da yoga pants cause he can get a handfull of *kitten* easier than in sweatpants.

    But I still love sweatpants...I see no wrong in comfy.

    So you're saying that your boyfriend prefers yoga pants...

    ...but your husband prefers sweat pants?

    Very interesting.

    (Does either one of them know about the other?)

    LOL. I was saying "likewise" to everything minus the husband part because since I am not married, I have no husband.

    Comprende? :happy:
  • misschoppo
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    I live in mine..as soon as I'm home from work they are on within minutes
  • Love chilling in sweat pants or my yoga pants. Don't really go out in public in them though - corner shop at most :)