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  • Itadakimasu7
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    Let's Go! Excited to find this group. I'm a trail runner in Oregon. At the moment I've been mostly cycling and rehabing an ankle. I'm almost 50 and I think maybe that joint in my ankle has just had it -- but if I can return to regular running I will or I'll have to walk, but I'll be out and about for sure. I love the adventure of being outdoors.

    Would love to have you as a friend on MFP or Strava (

  • Minime1510
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    Hey 👋

    I'm from the UK!! I run a couple of times a week and love signing up to events!! I also do crossfit 2-3 times a week.

    I currently have two half marathons coming up in August and October 😊😊 xxxxxx

    Would be great to have some running buddies on here!!!
  • melstell
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    Melanie here! I'm from Connecticut.. I've been an on again off again runner since i can remember. ran track in high school (sprinter) and started doing races after just to keep myself in shape.. on and off again. I'm currently back on the running train! i also love to lift but i have been slightly slacking in that department as well. slowly trying to get both back into my routine.

    I started a running plan through the Nike running app to keep myself motived (and so i dont have to think about my running workouts) and i'm hoping adding myself here with continue to keep me motived!

    i have all sorts of races under my belt. 5ks, 10ks, a couple of half marathons plus a bunch of obstacle races. i hope that next year to do the spartan trifecta! - whose with me?!
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    melstell wrote: »
    i'm hoping adding myself here with continue to keep me motived!

    Hey @melstell !!!!

    As a kid I was stationed in New London, CT for a year, serving in the Navy. I ran the New Haven 20K (exactly 1 million years ago.)

    This group primarily lives over in the message boards (July 2023 Monthly Running Challenge) Each month a thread is posted, everyone types their goals for the month, and then checks in with their runs everyday (or every other day in my case.)

    You sound like an ideal, motivated, inspired runner to keep the momentum going. Please click into (and bookmark) this month's thread and introduce yourself and your monthly goal. I hope to see you.

  • ducejessica
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    Hi everyone,

    First time here, just getting back into my fitness journey, starting with C25k this September and hopefully I'll be back into jogging 45mins soo.

    My goal is to run a 5k fun run for the first time and then join other runs in the future.

    Hopefully I commented correctly as this my first time joining a group.

    Good luck with your goals everyone 😊