May Goals



  • hnsaunde
    hnsaunde Posts: 757 Member
    Oh so in on this!

    1. Hit over 200 pounds on my deadlift
    2. Break current plateau on my OHP, I want either 5 x 70 pounds or 3 x 75 pounds
    3. Do 10 unassisted dips
    4. Do one unassisted chinup (not sure I can get this in May, but I'll do it in June then!)

    1. Do at least one 60 min or 10 km run each week
    2. Run stairs at least once a week.
    3. Do tabata training circuit once a week
    4. Go hiking twice this month

    Food Stuff:
    1. Log every single day, even if I go out and am guessing on portions.
    2. Try not to have any +2200 calorie days (over maintenance)

    1. I hit 205 pounds on my deadlifts, yay!
    2. I didn't break my OHP plateau, going to deload next month.
    3. I'm at 5 unassisted dips
    4. I got my chinup!

    1. I did one run this month, need to get one a week in, but maybe shorten them to 5km runs.
    2. Run stairs at least once a week.-got this one :)
    3. Do tabata training circuit once a week- got this one too :)
    4. Go hiking twice this month- Def got this one!

    Food Stuff:
    1.I think I may have missed one day, but that's an all time record for me!
    2. Try not to have any +2200 calorie days (over maintenance)- Yeah that didn't happen :(
  • sbarella
    sbarella Posts: 713 Member
    May will be a crazy month so I'll keep it simple and sustainable :)

    1. Drop a couple of pounds.
    I'm currently at my "stubborn weight", which is the weight I always seem to come back to, no matter how much I lose or gain. It's crazy hard for me to get and stay below 137 lbs (62kg), it's like a magnet. I'll do what I can :)
    Staying at 137 and losing inches would be OK too, of course, but it's kind of a personal thing between me and that number, lol.

    2. Progress all lifts, especially bench and OHP (both stuck).

    3. Average 70k steps/week

    4. Including some accessory work for my core

    5. Study hard!

    1. Yes! I lost 3 lbs.

    2. OHP is still the same, the other lifts got heavier.

    3. Done. I hit 10k every single day except for May7th (9350!)

    4. Failed :(

    5. Done. Still doing it. Damn it!
  • Llamapants86
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    Ok here are mine, maybe if I write them down I won't conveniently forget what they were when I get lazy and need motivation.
    And in order of importance:

    1. Run 5k, my race is May 24th and I am determined to run it all.
    2. DL to 170 (150 was my last successful 1x5)
    3. Squat to body weight (10 more pounds to go)
    4. Order some fractionals because OHP is driving me CRAZY trying to progress at 5 lbs.

    1. I didn't run it all, I underestimated what the terrain would be like but I am still quite happy with what I managed to do and I plan on doing that race again so I can beat this years time. I did it in 41:46 and was 176th out of 199. I didn't expect to do great and I was really only running against myself. To put the time in perspective, I run to the highway and back (5.4K) on the side of the flat road and it only takes me 36-38 minutes depending on the day.
    2. I got 4 reps with 170 this morning so I'm going to call this one a success
    3. 150lbs this morning for squats so just over BW
    4. While I didn't order fractionals (all the internet searching didn't turn me up anything reasonable after you count in shipping) but I did by some one pound girly wrist weights (the velcro kind) and my dumbbell set came with 3 pound weights, with those I can pretty much make it so I go up in one pound increments so it works for me.