What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    And they're cute, too!!! Yay for mediums!
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    Ceiswyn, you are hardly an extreme pear! Your figure looks perfect!

    Thankyou so much! It’s a lot more obvious from the side, because my spine is quite curved; my waist is about a UK8, and my hips and thighs are a UK12/14. I am not loving the current fashion for A-line skirts :)
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    fishgutzy wrote: »
    Set a new personal swimming distance record of 16 06km, (10 miles)
    Sure, it is only in a pool. But not everyone has access to safe places for open water swimming.

    Great job! I take my swimming hat off to you sir :smiley:

    10 mile swim in 5 minutes...really? :s:#:s
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    Friend was showing me some photos she'd taken & there was one of a lassie with her back to the camera. I thought....that's a pretty impressive derriere...who's that?

    Yep...twas I!

    My backside is the bane of my life, whether in my current shape or when I was obese. Felt like it was back there secretly snacking no matter what....hard to believe the one in the photo belongs to me!
    I enjoy the idea of your posterior sneaking around behind your back... Maybe going for some plum duff or cinnamon buns, or glutting itself on a smoked pork butt sandwich or a roast rump of beef (or else some nice halibut cheeks?) - and then washing it all down with a Heineken.. ;)

    Haha, I know right?? I'm convinced it's developed a conscious brain & sneaks all sorts of goodies! What other explanation could there possibly be for 2 clothing size differences between top half & bottom half? I'm in control of the top half but the derriere simply isn't upholding it's end of the bargain :wink:

    I have the opposite problem - no hips/bum and too much top. They are now on the run but it has taken forever for dresses to fit! 🤣🤣

    Haha! Ahh, it's so strange how all of our bodies are so different!
    I've got through the grief of my boobs going down 2 cup sizes....I'm quite grateful as it means I can get smaller dresses that look good on top & hide the snacking derriere rather well. (Love me an A-line!)
    Feel your pain so much though because with certain cuts, bottom half looks great but top half is too baggy & makes me look larger than I am. Fashion is the enemy, for sure!
    When I was young, I was an Hourglass. Now that some of the Sands of Middle Age have run through to the bottom, I am a Pear. But the weight I'm losing seems to be coming off my bust and hips, while my waist remains stubbornly static - if this keeps up, I may soon be an Apple. ;)

    Ahhh, you'll be beautiful no matter what shaped fruit you are haha!
    I'm definitely a pear (even when morbidly obese)but for some reason folk see hourglass a lot....

    Always makes me want to drop to my knees dramatically & yell into the sky "NOT WITH THESE BOOBS!"

    I'd buy a ticket to see that... ;)

    Thanks for such a lovely compliment. You're a peach! :)

    I have a theory that people seem to think that big boobs are associated with vivaciousness. My big boobs seem to make me come off as more vivacious than I really am, and maybe your vivaciousness makes you seem more busty than your bra size would indicate?

    Haha! Love looking at other lassies...theyre so beautiful & pretty, no matter
    the shape. That sounds quite creepy typed out now I read it, but it's true! Peach....funny how that's the apparent beauty standard for the derriere...we should replace apple with peach, it's way cuter...just like the "apple" folk!

    Well! That's something to consider....funny how assumptions can be made over something we have little control over (except surgery)....
    I've been described as an animated(very recently too) talker so I've no idea if that counts....tbh it just made me want to stuff my hands in my pockets forever more 😂🙈. Apparently it "just means you're creative though!" I'm not particularly .... another assumption? Haha
    Hunh. I always thought it meant you were Italian.

    Although people tell me that I an animated speaker, too; and my parents strongly disagree with that characterization of my genetic heritage.

    (*I hereby offer my blanket apology to all actual Italians for perpetuating the stereotype.)
    (And also for some of the things I do with pasta.)

    In more derriere- related news, tonight I took my jeans off without unfastening them. :)

    Haha! How funny...I'm half Spanish...perhaps there's something in it after all? 😂
    Well done on your NSV...love it when that happens but I hope you will treat yourself to a new smaller size to show the shrinking derriere off! ❤️