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    I'm in this gym fitness partners thing at the work gym. My partner (my friend) is way more athletically inclined than I am. (That's a nice way to say my arms are like noodles and my conditioning is nowhere near an 11 min. mile). I'm seriously inspired by my partner. She's awesome and I want to bump my fitness up to that level (which counters the other half of me that desires only to be lazy, but that's neither here nor there! ;)). Each of the challenge events (we get points for attempting, not just placing), she's pretty far ahead of me. Except one. The 500m row (how quickly you can row 500m/timed cardio event) we did the day before Thanksgiving... I was only 20s behind her. This is amazing to me. I felt so accomplished! The weights we've been doing (we were doing a strength/weight lifting routine before the challenges) have been paying off. We both decided to add in the timed row at the end for cardio / full body burn since we did so well.

    Boy did I feel it. That night, making my bread turkey army was difficult since the dough I was working with stubbornly resisted any rolling out, so I had to sculpt them turkeys by hand! I definitely regretted the soreness, lol!

    Well done for your fitness challenge - my mind is boggling at the prospect of a bread turkey army though?? Kneading and rolling dough is a great exercise for 'bingo wings' 😉 x
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