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  • ElC_76ElC_76 Posts: 1,179Member Member Posts: 1,179Member Member
    I went for a walk today just to keep up the habit, even though I'm still recovering from a cold (feeling fine, just feeling a little congested still). I just took it easy and brought tissues with me.

    Get better quickly!
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 3,830Member Member Posts: 3,830Member Member
    140 rpm @ level 25 is my fastest rpm and intensity. That was insane.

    17 miles / 50:46 / 576 calories
    3 miles / 9:16 / 99 calories

    20 miles / 60:02 / 675 calories
    Good ride. Good end to the week. Broke 101lbs this week and did 51 miles. NSV.

    Wow, impressive!
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