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  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Posts: 2,217Member Member Posts: 2,217Member Member
    LiLee2018 wrote: »
    I bought a pair of size 12 skinny jeans a few months ago. I think they're probably closer to size 10's. They were about 5 inches from me being able to button or zip them up.
    I had to suck it in and they make me have serious muffin top, but I got those damn things on. Buttoned AND zipped! I started in tight size 18s (july 2018)

    Also... I started out wearing size XL in men's t-shirts. Some of them were actually tight on me. I'm now down to wearing size medium! WOO!

    Nice! I always have to size up on skinny jeans because I got dem big calves, so they are definitely hard to fit into. (:
  • pinuplovepinuplove Posts: 12,250Member Member Posts: 12,250Member Member
    Fit into the smallest dress I've ever bought. Size 8, bought it the last time I lost weight for a work photo. Thought I was going to have to lose another ten to fit. It's definitely fitted, but I wouldn't say it's tight. Gonna wear it tomorrow to work.

    In celebration, here is the first actual photo of me I'm posting on this account, a picture of me wearing the dress.

    Edit: bonus cat included.

    Edit edit: forgot to mention that this dress is so special because it's the only piece of "skinny" clothing that I kept. I couldn't bear to get rid of it, both because it was so pretty but also because it may have been the last remnant of hope that I could lose the weight again.


    Better late than never, right??

    1. Love the bonus cat.
    2. That dress is adorable. I'd wear it.
    3. You are a cutie pie! :smiley:

    (Told you I was going to stalk it)
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