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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • J_NY_ZJ_NY_Z Member Posts: 1,936 Member Member Posts: 1,936 Member
    Resisting the grill at work. Eating my lunch I brought. Staying focused on my goal. For more than a month. Not rewarding myself for being good🐴

    Spectacular, nice job.
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 5,905 Member Member Posts: 5,905 Member
    I’m struggling a bit this week - human feels clouding perspectives. But I posted this on my feed and realized that it’s a good NSV that covers a long toad to where I am. Sometimes, it is hard for me to hang onto a positive attitude in weak moments when I’m looking 4 minutes behind when maybe I was lower in weight/better at logging or 5 minutes into the future where you realize that goal you wanted so badly is impossible in the *time* you want it.

    Extending my view outward, I realize that I’ve accomplished a lot. Today’s struggles once felt so unattainable and yet here I am. Mired in the Bog Of The Last Twenty.

    So, my NSV is a history of shorts. Three pieces: the largest, where I started. The middle, when I left plus size stores behind and went on my first vacation where I was not ashamed to be in pictures. The top: where I am now, on the cusp of achieving a goal I set for myself at the start of 2012.

    Now to go slay the day!


    I realize this is a typo and you meant to say “long road,” however I am having fun picturing a “long toad” that you could take to get where you are. Maybe a really big toad, like the Catbus from that Miyazaki movie.

    Your progress is inspiring and you will get the rest of the way too!
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