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  • InspectorRedInspectorRed Member Posts: 756 Member Member Posts: 756 Member
    Ainadan wrote: »
    I'm back on the wagon. I've logged for a week now, and gone to the gym 5 times. Someone posted this workout as their NSV a little while ago and I love it!
    I have always liked doing weights, but knowing what weights to do was confusing, so I never did them. So this basic plan has really helped me get on track.

    That's the plan I just finished a couple weeks ago! I really enjoyed it! Good luck to you!! I definitely get more out of my gym time if I have a good plan of action!
  • EliseTK1EliseTK1 Member Posts: 349 Member Member Posts: 349 Member
    Added 10lbs to my deadlift over the last 2.5 mo—185. Starting to really see 200 as a feasible goal and not a total pipe dream. (I hit 165, got injured doing something else, took a year to make it back to that point. So happy to be making progress!)

    ETA: just saw I hit 165 in 4/25, so I’ve added 20lbs over 2 months!

    Way to go!! I can't even fathom dead lifting that kind of weight right now. Maybe one day I'll get there too.
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