What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    My nsv is perhaps a bit strange. My daughter was recently home for a visit and we went out for a family hike along the coast - it was a very hilly path with lots of pretty steep climbs and rock formations which are in effect, long staircases. The path has been closed for a couple of years following storm damage but since it re-opened earlier in the summer hubby and I have been doing it pretty much weekly and it now poses no problem to me. As we were making our way along the path and over obstacles my daughter was being very solicitous, checking I was OK and offering me assistance - and I was thinking, why is she being so concerned - I'm fine, I can do this, no problem. Then I twigged - last time she walked this route it was with her father only; I had to meet them at the top as I was not capable of walking the route without extreme pain and lots of stops. That realisation felt great!

    That's awesome!! :smiley: