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  • AmethystEFCAmethystEFC Member, Premium Posts: 140 Member Member, Premium Posts: 140 Member
    UK ladies with, um, large bosoms will appreciate how much of a big deal this is...

    I'm currently wearing, and am comfortable in, a supermarket bra. Asda, since you didn't ask.

    I'm stunned. £4. £4 for a bra. If this stays comfortable all night, I'm going to have a full bra drawer for the first time in years!

    You're lucky there. That's awesome!!
    I'm having the opposite problem in US.

    I can't find bras after losing weight. American bras were easy to find being big breasted and wider around measurements (like when I was 42" DDD) or easiest bras to find here are cup sizes A-B-C with tinier measurements (like 32"-36" A-B-C).

    Measuring 32" around (about 81 cm), but still have DDD US (I think F in UK) cup size breast... Impossible to find a bra here. Going to drive to bigger city next week to see if I can find one.

    Falling out the bottom of bras, anything with big enough cups is way too big around.

    Aarrgggh! You can't win can you?

    Hoping you find your holy grail of bra places!
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