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  • ellie117ellie117 Posts: 241Member Member Posts: 241Member Member
    @sammidelvecchio is that really right? Or does that include the french fries and/or soft drink that comes with the meal?
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,684Member Member Posts: 12,684Member Member
    @ellie117 I'm betting it was the small chocolate milkshake instead of the soft drink that made calories unexpectedly high. I have "milkshakes for dinner" when my appetite tanks because it's the easiest way for me to put down 800 calories in one go...

    Yeah, some of the big gloopy ones from Steak'n'Shake are over 800 calories for the milkshake alone. Sadness!
  • ellie117ellie117 Posts: 241Member Member Posts: 241Member Member

    It's right, and I double checked their web site too.

    The sandwich - 440 cals
    The fries - 400 cals
    The shake - 550 cals

    Gotcha. I misread your post and thought the sandwich alone was 1400 calories and I audibly gasped. This breakdown makes much more sense.
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