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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • ploomkaploomka Posts: 361Member Member Posts: 361Member Member
    MikePTY wrote: »
    My gym featured my success story on their Instagram page today.

    You are a super :star:!!!

  • EliseTK1EliseTK1 Posts: 316Member, Premium Member Posts: 316Member, Premium Member
    SistaMills wrote: »
    Kinda new here. What, may I ask, is an NSV?

    I can tell by the posts that they are victories, or new found realizations of the results of our efforts at losing wight and getting health.

    I am three months into my new lifestyle, and a couple of mine are being able to walk down steps like a normal person, and not sideways, one step at a time. I can work for longer peiods of time without needing to sit down and rest, and my back doesn't begin to spasm after standing for ten minutes. I love how much better I feel after only 30 lbs!!

    NSV = Non-scale victory

    Congratulations!! Those are fantastic NSVs.
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