What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • mikebxb
    mikebxb Posts: 138 Member
    What is NSV?? Thanks
  • epangili
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    mikebxb wrote: »
    What is NSV?? Thanks

    Non scale victory
  • katsheare
    katsheare Posts: 1,025 Member
    I'm shaking as I type this: My surgery is now officially scheduled. By springtime, I'll have regained mobility and will be pain-free.

    My injury and pain were not caused by my weight, yet multiple doctors rejected me for a host of weight/nutrition related reasons. It took 147 days of determination, but the day finally came that they couldn't reject me anymore because the reasons are gone.

    Six months ago, I couldn't really believe I could do it. Inch by inch, I made better and better food choices which I carefully logged here, with you folks cheering me on and sharing your own victories, which helped build my confidence. YOU ARE THE BEST! <3

    Fantastic news!!! Sending you all the good vibes for successful surgery, swift recovery and continued success in working toward your goals!
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