What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • Cusneddie
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    My most recent NSV is taking a selfie with my daughter and seeing dimples again! I have hated how I've looked for so long and I actually don't hate this picture and my dimples are back. Can't remember the last time I saw those, I know it was when a Bush was in office! Even the fact that I was willing to take a selfie is a NSV in itself. I really needed that motivation, too. Have been becoming complacent recently, so thank you God!

    What's your recent NSV?
    Yayyy!! Great job!

  • B_Plus_Effort
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    ElBence wrote: »
    I have been tracking how far I've been swimming this year using a spreadsheet that breaks out distances by day, week, month, and year with averages and totals for each. I looked at my total yards today and found that I had broken one million yards this week. With my pool being shut down for two months during a global pandemic, that makes me even happier to have achieved it.

    that's awesome so what are you doing in a day like 3,000 ? and how long does that take you, from one swimmer to another