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  • jarobyjaroby Member Posts: 152 Member Member Posts: 152 Member
    I am not a very social person, but have been hearing more and more about people in my wider social circle feeling lonely, depressed, and disconnected, so I put out an invite to my local homeschooling group to join me for 7 am walk, prayer, and social time two mornings a week.

    Today was the first morning—30 degrees, biked 15 min to and from meetup location, and walked with 3 other ladies for 45 minutes. They were so happy to get some exercise and some safe (outdoors, walking apart) social time. Should be at least that many on Thursday morning! Definitely a nice start to the day, and happy to be helping people get out and be active and connected to others as winter starts.

    As a fellow homeschool mom who has treasured the few times I’ve been able to go walking & praying I say “what a great idea!!” This is motivation for me to put something like this on the calendar, thank you!
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