What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    I am 738 days sober today 🏆

  • solieco1
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    solieco1 wrote: »
    For the first time in 32 years since we met, on Jan 1, 2021 I weighed less than my husband!

    Congratulations, Solieco1. I bet you are looking great! I also bet you were enjoying that beach in your picture, too.

    That is what I am looking forward too, also. I have NEVER weighed less than my husband, but I am getting closer! I am 4 lbs from getting below obese, and 8 lbs from weighing the same as he weighs. We have been married 44 years.

    He is not one to compliment me much, but a few days ago he actually said "You are really looking great! Are you at the lowest weight you have been as an adult?" And the answer I gave him was, "Yes"