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  • GigiDeborahGigiDeborah Member Posts: 32 Member Member Posts: 32 Member
    solieco1 wrote: »
    Ok this is a big one! I'm wearing the Dragon Pants! Not just to try on, but actually wearing them. And I think I may need a belt. Just for some background, they are white, low rise bell bottoms that hung in my closet for years that I desperately wanted to wear and honestly never believed I would.

    Whooo hoo! That's exciting! I have a couple of things like that in my closet as well. That will be a happy day! Good for you!
  • azalea4175azalea4175 Member, Premium Posts: 79 Member Member, Premium Posts: 79 Member
    mkculs13 wrote: »
    I took a whirlwind trip to visit my son in Miami, ate what I wanted, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. It felt great to know that I would come home and just get back into the swing, which I have. How wonderful not to be worrying about my weight, to have faith in the process and be willing to give myself the time I need to get healthy and fit again.

    What an awesome feeling to honor your body! enjoyment and not drowning in "what if's" and "maybe if I's". So happy for you making that transition! way to go! you are inspiring.
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