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  • rn_suern_sue Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    lkrise93 wrote: »
    kari_kerry wrote: »
    The ladies at work were going on an ice cream run yesterday at the Sonic...I said no thanks! Huge step for me. I would normally have a sonic blast. Yum! But I didn't. Very proud of myself.

    You missed the chance to just get a cup of Sonic ICE which is BOMB! But good on you for saying no! I can never turn down ice cream!

    I'm so jealous!! The only 2 Sonics within a reasonable distance went out of business!!!
  • azalea4175azalea4175 Member, Premium Posts: 250 Member Member, Premium Posts: 250 Member
    donnas1995 wrote: »
    My cholesterol was total of 249 end of October 2020. Told the doctor no meds, I will take the lead with diet and exercise. We agreed to a new test end of March 2021 which is today. The results are in cholesterol down to a total of 205. HDL is great and LDL is good. Very pleased. Lost 15 lbs and walking 3 to 4 miles everyday.

    that's impressive! great job!!
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