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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • MargaretYakodaMargaretYakoda Member, Premium Posts: 1,615 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,615 Member
    I ate what i planned to today, and i logged fairly accurately. Which dosen't sound like much but i have been on such a slide lately, even one day seems like a victory.
    Rocketts81 wrote: »
    My NSV this week was walking 6.5 miles yesterday. I took a fall walking my dogs mid-January, and broke my back. After I got out of hospital at the end of January wearing a back-brace, I did nothing, physically for two months, and put on weight. My first walk in March was 7 minutes! The injury also took an inch off my height, which oddly I am really miffed about! For a long time 15 minutes was the most walking I could do. After a few weeks of physio I started to increase the length of my walks, and can now manage over an hour without pain - a few lbs gone also...

    Well done!
  • BrightEyedAgainBrightEyedAgain Member, Premium Posts: 80 Member Member, Premium Posts: 80 Member
    @AwesomeSquirrel Great idea to make lemonade out of lemons by running to the bike shop! A place like that they probably admired you for coming in all sweaty. Hope you love your new bike! My husband's bike got stolen a few years ago, and he was bereft.
  • GeneveremfpGeneveremfp Member Posts: 390 Member Member Posts: 390 Member
    sviers13 wrote: »
    My NSV today is that I did not get on the scale. I ate a lot yesterday (stressful day at work) and was tempted to get on the scale and berate myself for gaining weight. But I remembered that this in an ongoing journey and the number on the scale does not equal my value.

    Excellent work!

    My trick when the scale goes up is I don’t log it. I know it’s there, but I think “it’s just water weight, no sense logging it”
    Which may or may not be true. But it saves me from beating myself up over it. So it works for me.

    I will have to reevaluate this when I get near maintenance, but that’s many many pounds away.

    I use Libra to log my weights as it gives you trends. So I do a daily weigh in and just log the number. It charts it and gives you your trends.

    It's helped me to see weight as fluctuations but that's ok because I'm still going down. Might help.
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