What's Your Most Recent NSV



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    And my other NSV is my arms look better! I still have miles to go in that area, but they were looking very bad after losing a certain amount of weight. I think my skin is beginning to bounce back so it is improving.

    @IAmTheGlue Thank you for this. I have lost 36 pounds, many more to go but the fat on my inner upper arms is doing some strange stuff and it’s not so attractive. It’s a small worry in the grand scheme of things but good to hear it might change for the better!

    Mine was looking super weird, too! The past couple days though it has smoothed out some so I think it will keep improving! I bet it will for you, too! 👍

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    Did 55 minutes standing while paddle boarding yesterday. did the last 15 kneeling.

    Excellent! Tried paddle boarding for the first time this past weekend. Very comfortable on my knees. Stood up OK, but balance shaky. Would love to do more, but So AZ not a paddle boarding Mecca. 🤣

    … and I’m an ol’ fart!

    You can do it. Just watch a few PB vids and apply the lessons.
    I'm 55 with a bad hip and many other issues, so believe me when I say, "if I can do it, anyone can."
    It's a lot of fun and a decent workout.
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    Every time I get close to a new milestone I self sabotage and put myself back a few paces.)

    Oh I hear you! I have this same pattern, and have yet to figure out how to get past it. But I'm not giving up! :smile: