When Does It All STOP ?



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    Trying to figure out how many cals are burned with Piloxing, anyone know where I can find out. Googled it but no sites show piloxing on there calculators.
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    bump for inspiration:tongue:
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    Actually, the easiest way to try to get this sort of habit under control is to understand that it's not that bad when you go over a day every now and then, or when you skip a workout every now and then.
    It's when you allow yourself to feel strong guilt over it when it can really sabotage you, it affects your self esteem and your motivation when you look at yourself and say "Why do I have such little self control? It doesn't matter because I'll just keep doing it." and then we allow ourselves to continue down the slippery slope.

    It's not about discipline, it's not about forcing yourself to be a better person. It's about allowing yourself to cheat every now and then and feel alright with that, because then you won't feel the compulsion to do it so often. Negative reinforcement works just as badly on yourself as it does on other people. Learn to praise yourself for when you do things right, and learn to forgive yourself when they go wrong.
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    Dang! Here I was hoping that I found a new excuse to stop watching my food and exercise. Now I find out that it's a thread about stopping excuses. So disappointed. :grumble:
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    Most people never stop making excuses for their failures.