Why is Maintaining So Hard?



  • brandiegirl16
    brandiegirl16 Posts: 372 Member
    I have been maintaining a 60 lbs loss for 6 years. It is manageable, i wouldn't call it easy. I remain accountable and that is what keeps me within a range of fluctuation of weight that i am comfortable in maintaining. There is no set # on the scale that i try to keep consistent, cause lets face it... that isn't realistic. Maintaining within a range of 5 lbs up or 5 lbs under is a good range. I don't live my life according to a number that populates on a scale that i step on. It's overall health that i am tuned into in keeping me honest in my journey. This has been a lifestyle for me, not a grueling diet of giving up anything or depriving.. just better choices in portions that are realistic to satisfy... not over indulge. I still pull out my food scale and log food for accountability. I still pull out the tape measure and check my progress monthly. I enjoy going out to eat and having a few beers with friends regularly... and above all, i workout. I burn calories i consume calories... i keep in balance.

    I continue to challenge myself ... there is no getting bored, there is no falling back into old bad habits. Perfection isn't the goal... putting my best foot forward in the moment is... we all have bad days, just make sure you have more better ones then bad ones. It's a journey, you find your flow and your ride the wave.

    Best of luck!