Fitness trackers...are they worth it?



  • NotJustADieter
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    I just got a Fitbit Flex and LOVE it- not only does it track my steps but also my sleep, helping me get a more complete picture of my fitness and health
  • HaibaneReki
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    I just love my Flex, it's so accurate. Just had a run, Endomondo says 446cals burned, Flex logged 477 (default settings - stride length not set). I guess I don't need to bring my phone with me during my runs :glasses:
  • envysion
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    I have an UP by Jawbone. I love it. I have fibromyalgia, so it's a great way for me to motivate me to do SOMETHING, even if I'm in too much pain to go to the gym. Every little bit helps.
  • GFielding_56
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    I have the Fitbit One - it's excellent - it motivates me to move more - the eating less bit I have to do myself - that's where MFP comes in !

    The two in combination are excellent - I've had the One since a year past December lost over 2 stones and have kept it off - eat normally but walk more than ever before but fitter and healthier than ever.

    If I lost my One - I'd buy another that's how good I think it is
  • ginaquinn2
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    Hi for me they are very worth it. When I started here at my Fitness Pal I was totally a couch potatoso I decided to exercise a little bit but I have no idea how much I actually moved. so for me it's really been worth it I am very self competitive I just love challenging myself I really love how my fitness tracker has helped me to set goals and without it, without the fitness tracker I couldn't see if I was actually meeting my goals. so with fitbit I was able to actually set goals and know that I was meeting them and then I just continue to set my fitness goals higher and higher. I'm glad I bought my Fitbit. It has really has motivated me to improve myself and I've lost weight and am eating better. So if would ask yourself a question will you use the fitness tacker? Are you actually interested in setting goals for yourself? If you answered yes then perhaps it will be worth it to you. Good luck to you hun.
    Be well, Gina :drinker:
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    Thank you for this thread.

    I love seeing everyone so thrilled with whatever they have. This makes shopping a lot easier. I feel like I can just go out and buy anything I like the look of and end up very happy.

    Thanks for all the people who responded, it was so helpful.:happy: