Anyone in their 40's?



  • slimfitnessmoms
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    Hi, I just turned the big 40! I am just starting up on myfitnesspal again after taking a small break from here.
  • bidimus
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    44 and no trouble losing weight. I became active at 40 when I started running. No connection there, just random chance. Lost a ton the first six months and by ton I mean 50 lbs. :P It honestly never dawned on me that my age could even be a factor in how easy or hard it would be. Since I started calorie counting to bring my weight down for running it's been smooth sailing too.
  • trudywc2
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    44 here from NJ. Need to lose 100+ lbs going slow and steady. Just started in June 2014. Feel free to add me
  • Kate7294
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    41 here. I'm rocking my 40's. LOL
  • I'm 49 (for the third time) Down 28 lbs in 2 months. Diet and Exercise and I have a Reward day every now and then.

    Peace, Brad
  • MyTurn2BHappy
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    47 Here :)
  • anissa333
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    44 here!! Anyone feel free to add me...always need more people who know the over 40 struggle is real lol
  • nicoryan20
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    41 here and just started yesterday. Looking for people to add or someone to add me. I need all the support I can get lol. It is inspiring to read all of your successes :)
  • tcamp02
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    I'm not in my 40's but I'm 51 so I totally get the topic! :) I'm actually in better shape now than I was when I was younger but it does get harder to lose weight as you get older and your metabolism slows down. I have to be more careful than I used to be about those "cheats" LOL!
  • mufin71
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    42 here :)
  • frankiesgirl21
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    49.... but only for 6 more weeks.... yeah slowing metabolism.....add hypothyroid and menopause and metabolism doesn't exist
  • livendive
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    45 here. I just finished my third round of college while working full time and packed on an extra 25 lbs during the last two years as a result of sitting at one desk or another for damn near 18 hours a day (and I was already overweight when I started). I started on MFP two days after graduation and have been here for 30 days today. Including those first easy pounds, I'm down 15 so far, with a goal of grinding my way to 50 lbs lost. Running a thousand calorie a day deficit right now for a goal (2 lbs/week), and generally trying to work out enough to beat that by a fair margin a few days each week. Feel free to add me if you're looking for more encouragement...I can certainly use it myself some days! :-)
  • Hi, almost 42 here. I could use friends, too. Anyone supportive may add me :)
  • pjsipe
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    Just turned 47............and it is never going to be any easier than today to loose some weight. Started this back in Jan. but have been less than diligent. Need to get serious.
  • Will be 42 in December. :) As of this morning, I have 1.8 lbs until I've hit my goal! I've been at it since the end of the first week in January... down 55.4 lbs! I have used MFP every. single. day. and. meal. the entire time. :happy:
  • sjane1974
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    I'll be 40 in October (does that count, lol)? Would definitely love to connect with some folks in this age group - this process is much easier when you can share it!
  • whovian67
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    46... hanging in there
  • NotRailMeat
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    43 here... Coming back to MFP after a 6 month break. 40 lbs down and 10-15 lbs from goal.
  • KristaPerseveres
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    Just turned 40, act about 14, anyone can add me :-)
  • sgtlee0626
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    41 here! trying this again...would love some people to help keep me on track! pick me pick me!!