Anyone in their 40's?



  • Tropical_Turtle
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    41 getting ready to turn 42 in Aug...

    Always welcome others in their 40s to my FL...
  • RavenLibra
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    I will be leaving the 40's club this October and joining the *sigh* 50's ... there was a time in my mid to late 20's when a giant bag of Doritos and a 2litre of coke served as my breakfast and lunch... and I could eat like 2 big mac meals or a 14 in pizza for dinner and STILL climb a mountain or two with a 60 lb pack on my back day in and day out ... NOW I drive by a Micky D or a KFC and I gain 2 lbs from water (or is it drool?) retention? ahh well...nothing to do but work hard today so I can turn back the clock :sad:
  • ChellD4945
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    That would be me. Still 45 but crossing the mid 40 mark in a couple of months. I'm new to MyFitnessPal. This is my attempt again to loose 50 to 60 pounds. I did it many years ago with the help of a personal trainer. I gained it all back after I couldn't afford the personal trainer any more. Now being in my 40's, it is a little harder to loose. I have faith that it will work this time.
  • sculli123
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    42 here feel free to add me, I log daily and try to be supportive to everyone.
    Nothing to do with this thread but I LOL'd at your AVI. :laugh:
  • Forgot to put this out there.... feel free to check out my profile and see if you wanna add me!
  • sexygoodness
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    43 and lovin it... always looking to add to my support group...

    Please add :drinker:
  • Yes but I lie about it ;)
  • princessofredrock
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    45 and loving it! I am still a work in progress but committed to this life change I have made!

  • eaglelakebill
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    I'm a 43 year old happily married dad of 4 girls.
    I've lost 6 pounds in 18 days and my pants are falling off me.
    I have become addicted to my bicycle.
    Anyone can add me as a friend.
    My diary is public and I log daily.
  • wjstoj
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    in for hot moms....and grandmas :wink:
  • iasue
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    At the end of this group, 48 and will be 49 this fall. I have been on and off of this group for years, I keep coming back. I just started logging my foods back again and am in for the long haul. I have about 40 pounds to get off -I did it about 4 years ago and it has crept back on. It seems like this go around is much harder - damn metabolism and age.
  • trudywc2
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    Will be 45 this month. Feel Free to add me.
  • kamalelwa
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    Just turned 48 last month--feel free to add me!!!
  • Kilsharion
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    43 here. A PAS (professional @$$ sitter) trying to get my act together and drop off the 40 pounds I've gained in the last 4 years. Not easy; but, given the amazing coworkers I have who have jumped on board to make it a challenge between all of us, it's so much easier!
  • BuddhaMom74
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    Just turned 40 in February :( ...still in shock and refusing to accept it! LOL!
  • Vupe
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    Hi there, I'm 43 and will loose 65 pounds. We can track together if you would like to ad me. It seems like the 4 and the 0 got together, and started laughing and high-fiving each other when I was getting bigger and bigger. I said, "No!, Really?!" Everyone says once you hit 40 then things get real tough when it comes to weight loss. Slow metabolism, hormone imbalance, yadda yadda. So I took it as just my age and I was taunted by the creeping of fat on my body. Then I kept bugging my doctor asking what is going on? They kept telling me I could do weight watchers. I am too cheap to pay for a program not to mention, I have the mind of an old goat. So, as I was gaining about 2.5 pounds a month I was thinking nothing was changing with me. I was getting more tired, less interested etc. Doc thought I was depressed and again mentioned weight watchers. So after almost two years of getting deeper into the mind trap of weight problems, I finally asked to see a specialist. In my case, I am being treated for subclinical hypothyroidism. The test ranges have changed in the US and my clinic was on the old scale. I have been on the medication, (lowest dose), for 6 weeks now and moods have improved and energy too. I no longer have that 3 o'clock yawn session where I feel like I am drifting into a fog. So, with that said, I joined here from browsing online. Not to write you a book, but maybe we can support one another in our goals. Take Care,.
  • Turned the fabulous forty this year and ready to finally take the plunge in changing my lifestyle for the second time. I always had problems on day 14. I don't think it's going to happen this time. Looking for friends in the same boat as myself for support and understanding.
  • boydrobinson
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    45 here, Down 16 lbs so far mostly just due to changing eating habits.
  • Slendermike
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    42 here, anyone can add me if they like, I log in and out every day
    TIFFANYLEIGHSMITH Posts: 41 Member
    40 here. Feel free to add me. :smile: