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  • goron59goron59 Posts: 972Member, Premium Member Posts: 972Member, Premium Member
    Yesterday was a biggish calorie day for me and I didn't get to enter everything, so finished it off this morning.
    MFP diary is correct, but in Health App I have duplicated data points.


    So it's not as simple as doubling up and it's not pulling data back into MFP and showing it there.

    This day, yesterday, 27th, was my first full day of Health App, I updated the MFP app the previous day (26th).

    Also, no 'activity' calories in Health from MFP.

    MFP is only HealthKit app installed.

    So it's not gone well really.

    Health app is a bit rubbish anyway. Visualisation is poor... I can only assume/hope that there will be better apps to show all this stuff in a better way.

    For now, the iSmoothRun -> (Strava and RunKeeper and MFP) is a good way of sharing important stuff.
  • MildiniMildini Posts: 19Member Posts: 19Member
    Just updated to iOS 8.0.2

    And updated MFP

    noticed my stats like weight height DOB etc were updated but historic data missing

    What's the thoughts of the powers at MFP being able to create a patch to allow this

    Is there a sleep app that can be linked to MFP or health kit??

  • egrassfitnessegrassfitness Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    Meal data does NOT sync to Healthkit by (current) design -- according to myfitnesspal. If you read the description of the myfitnesspal app update for use with iOS 8.02 it says that weight "syncs" but that mean entries are added to Healthkit as they are added to myfitnesspal. This means no sync of prior data and -- possibly -- no correction of new data. Perhaps this is causing some of the duplicate entry problems? Each time an entry is changed it is re-rewritten to HealthKit instead of updated?

    Myfitnesspal would be better off to state directly that meal info does not sync, but the wording there now is clear if you read it carefully.
  • jayhouse1972jayhouse1972 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Yes, this looks like each time you add or modify an existing entry for food in MFP it writes a NEW entry into the Health app. Don't know on which side this fault lies but it's an incredibly poor implementation. Either the Health app doesn't allow modification or deletion of existing entries or the MFP devs haven't done their homework or tested the implementation properly. Send the data in this way to the HEalth app pretty much makes the use of Healthkit totally pointless as if you modify an entry in MFP you then have to go to Health and delete all of the data for the entry MFP should be overwriting. Who's going to want to do that everytime they make a modification?
  • jl300jl300 Posts: 35Member, Premium Member Posts: 35Member, Premium Member
    I am having the same problem. Updated to iOS 8.0.2 and set up mfp to sync with health kit but no data has shown up yet. Did this about 2 days ago. My husband did get his set up though. Does anyone know health kit isn't supported for iphone 5? I have a 5 and my hubby has a 5S. This is the only difference i can identify between our set ups. Anyone get mfp and health kit syncing on an iphone 5?
  • genesynthgenesynth Posts: 6Member Posts: 6Member
    I can confirm the behavior described as well

    iphone 4s newly restored running iOS 8.0.2 and MFP. 5.6.6.ncd1d51

    Problems encountered:

    1) historic records do not sync ( this would seem to be a basic requirement and it's hard to believe that MFP would overlook )

    2) duplicate records posted to health inflate calorie count

    3) adding breakfast today deletes yesterday's breakfast and reduces calorie count.

    4) minimal documentation about expected behavior. (E.g. I have given MFP the ability to read and write data, should it just be write only?)

    It is hard to believe any of these behaviors were by design, it looks like a very poor piece of design, coding and testing. On wonders if they tested it at all given the basic problems we are encountering,

    This is very frustrating especially.on top of the original delay for 8.0.2
  • genesynthgenesynth Posts: 6Member Posts: 6Member
    I think I have a solution to these duplicate data problem. (Issue number 2 in my prior post).

    If you want to use MFP as the source for caloric and nutrition data in Health enable all of the toggles for " allow MFP to write data". Do not enable " allow MFP to read data" for the same values, or you will get duplicate data. I think what happens is health gets the record updates its database and then forwards it on to MFP which does the same and forwards it back.

    With only write enabled, MFP sends a record for each meal that is changed to Health. Any changes to meals are accurately reflected in Health.

    This does not solve issue 1 ( loading MFP history to Health ). I don't think it solves issue 3 (overwriting the prior days data), but I will check tomorrow to see if the story is any different.

    In the mean time if anyone else has other fixes let me know.
  • RoyalMoose11RoyalMoose11 Posts: 211Member Member Posts: 211Member Member
    I am able to get my calorie consumption to show if I only add them into one section of the day. My diary was broken down by meal but they only send to Health if they are in the dinner spot. I'll just log them all there.

    Is there anyway to get the calories burned to show through MFP?
  • genesynthgenesynth Posts: 6Member Posts: 6Member
    Update. 7:40p'. Well I'd like to tell everyone that my reported fix is not a fix. When I recorded dinner this evening I got a duplicate entry. Surprisingly, the time stamp for one of the dinner records was 7:22 PM instead of 12:00 AM, like all the other meals. I confess I don't understand what is going on with MFP and Health. The interface appears to be fundamentally broken.

    Has anyone heard from MFP on a fix?
  • ujausujaus Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Still broken for me, in that I'm getting duplicate data. I cannot imagine that apple didn't provide a detailed design document outlining a master data model and how to interact with healthkit in a robust manner. I've also got the UP app syncing with healthkit and have so far had no duplicate entries from it. Hope a fix comes soon.
  • FinFoxPTFinFoxPT Posts: 106Member Member Posts: 106Member Member
    Really disappointed with this so far. I'm keen to see how this was built to work but atm, seems like a lot of hard work for not very much.

    Currently the app has todays calories and a breakdown some nutrition. No exercise, steps, sleep which currently do feed to MFP.

    I hope this improves!
  • nlmillervtnlmillervt Posts: 242Member Member Posts: 242Member Member
    I'm also hoping to see improvements, but from a software standpoint, there's a lot going on, and both Apple and the various app devs will probably be finding bugs to fix in the next few weeks.

    While I have four apps connected (MFP, MapMyRun+, MotionX, and Carrot2), so far I've only actively used MFP and MotionX. The MotionX sleep information seems to be coming over well. The information from MFP is getting duplicated, triplicated, etc., and I'm still trying to figure out how it gets pushed. I only have MFP writing nutrition information to the HealthKit, and have it only reading things like blood pressure and workouts from the HK.

    My guess is that both MFP and Apple own a part of the problem, and it's really not unexpected given the scope of what they're trying to accomplish. I'm a software consultant, and it's amazing the things we users actually do with software that Quality Assurance teams never dream of.
  • ramtopsramtops Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    Really disappointed with this so far. I'm keen to see how this was built to work but atm, seems like a lot of hard work for not very much.

    Currently the app has todays calories and a breakdown some nutrition. No exercise, steps, sleep which currently do feed to MFP.

    I hope this improves!

    I just looked at mine, and it had something like 60 duplicate entries for today. I've turned it off.

    What a shambles.
  • Cobbg1Cobbg1 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I have been using the two apps for two days and see many of the same issues everyone else is. Multiple postings of the same meal and deletion of the meal day before when posting today's. Also, would like back history logged. Lastly, my measurements for wright in are not posting from HealthKit to mfp. This is frustrating. Please tell me if there is something I can do or do we need to wait.
  • genesynthgenesynth Posts: 6Member Posts: 6Member

    I think the best course of action right now is to wait for MFP to release a new version. Using the current one will just pollute your data. I'm turning mine off for the time being.
  • loratliffloratliff Posts: 283Member, Premium Member Posts: 283Member, Premium Member
    The duplication issue is a huge pain. I will mention that I also downloaded the FitPort app -- I would love to see MFP support it for calorie tracking, etc., as it works beautifully with HealthKit too.
  • goldstargeekgoldstargeek Posts: 26Member Member Posts: 26Member Member
    I downloaded the new MFP version 5.6.6 that was released. It went from not syncing my weight to not syncing my weight AND no longer syncing my calories. In fact they apparently tried to import historical data which is fun....except it wiped out all my new calorie data, sync'd only my calorie data from March/April 2013....and those entries were duplicated as much as 9 times a day.

    I took screenshots of everything and sent to MFP. They immediately marked my issue as resolved and told me to update to version 5.6.6. I reopened and let them know I had already loaded 5.6.6 and that is when the real problems started.

    I deleted MFP again from my phone and ALL the data it had synced to Healthkit. Hard booted my iPhone again. Reinstalled MFP 5.6.6 from app store. Now MFP does not show up as an available source to sync with inside Healthkit. New release seems to be worse than the last one.

    Anyone else have this issue with latest version?
  • jonnyp52jonnyp52 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I've downloaded 5.6.6 I think. I reported the bugs to MFP, specifically the loss of nutrition data on the health app after 24 hours and repeated entries. I got an automated email back saying all would be sorted in 5.6.6 that they just released a few hours ago. I went to the MFP app page in the App Store and under details it says 5.6.6 last updated September 26th. So I downloaded it. But when I go to the updates page of the App Store it says version 5.6.3. What is going on?!
  • jonnyp52jonnyp52 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    How can it have been updated on the 26th to 5.6.6h. How can I click update for 5.6.6 and still receive 5.6.3?
  • mattadmsmattadms Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I have been using 5.6.6 all the time and these issues persist. I'm gonna file a ticket as well.

    Update: nevermind, these issues are listed here:
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