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Dr. Oz Grilled By Senator Over “Miracle” Weight-Loss Claims



  • _MG_
    _MG_ Posts: 453 Member
    Misleading topic is misleading. I was expecting "grilled ham".


    Probably tastes like Chicken.
  • navyrigger46
    navyrigger46 Posts: 1,301 Member
    Wow, someone in congress actually called him out? I'm actually shocked, but glad.

    A.C.E. Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
    IDEA Fitness member
    Kickboxing Certified Instructor
    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition

    Elections coming up, they need to distract the low information voter with something they will understand.

  • rosehips60
    rosehips60 Posts: 1,030 Member
    If he was forced to tell the truth, his show would be 1 episode long.

    First segment: Explain to people to eat less. Use a scale. Estimate their BMR and TDEE.

    Second segment: Explain to people to move more. Lift some weights. Do a little cardio.

    Last segment: Explain macros, fiber, micros and phytos

    End show.

    If only this would happen!
  • MelodyandBarbells
    MelodyandBarbells Posts: 7,725 Member
    If celebrity 'weight loss experts' endorsed eating less & moving more, instead of miracle cures/crutches - perhaps people would take the eat less/move more approach seriously.

    The First Lady does :)

    But I imagine the other celebrities are understandably more concerned with making money than inspiring a nation. I mean, eat less move more is not sexy. But hey, sell some snake oil and everyone flocks to you because you have six pack abs. It would be downright unamerican to not take advantage of such an opportunity.

    I'm just glad products like food scale and fit bits and HRMs are actually getting some love. Those can actually help us hit our goals.
  • Crochetluvr
    Crochetluvr Posts: 3,143 Member
    I hope that new tv show he is in BOMBS. Just a way for him to get paid TWICE for being a doctor.
  • OMGeeeHorses
    OMGeeeHorses Posts: 732 Member
    I use to watch him, but then when he started pushing pills and crap I quickly learned he was a fraud. I now realize, I am my only "quick" cure :). Exercise and right foods baby!
  • marypnorman
    I have gotten so tired of all the "magic pills and potions" that unscrupulous people have come up with over the years! I'm glad to see someone taken to task over it! Now if they can just take those responsible for plexus behind the woodshed ;-) If someone is not willing to change their eating and exercise habits long term, there will never be a real, lasting weight loss and improved health. I have gotten heavy because I have not been committed to healthy eating and regular exercise. Period.
  • _MG_
    _MG_ Posts: 453 Member
    Unfortunately this is probably all that will happen - a stern talking to.