Side Quest: Public Nuisances



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    Wow, no pressure or anything.I will use a Sugar Bomb and then take cover.
  • nicca_jb
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    IMPORTANTL Ok from here on Brian is the only one that counts. Read the Results thread for more info :P If he dies, you all fail. If he wins, we all win ^_^

    LOL - well then, seeing as I didn't bring any side items, I try to stamp out the flames on Brian's clothes somewhat unsuccessfully...
  • daybehavior
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    xD haha Brian's tough he can withstand a few 3rd degree burns :P

    Golden Water Gecko critically strikes Brian for 15 HP xD
    [Tuesday the 16th] critically slashes Golden Water Gecko for 15 HP xD

    Rebekah stands over the fallen Gecko and lops off one of its arms.
    "Hey I bet if we take this [Gecko Fin] and [Venom Sac] to the Armory, the boys could whip you up something nice..."

    Quest Rewards
    -Rare fist weapon [Public Nuisance]: +3 DMG. Ignores DT. Chance to poison enemy. For Brian only [Public Nuisance (Heroic)]: +4 DMG. Increased Critical Strike Chance, Ignores DT. Chance to poison enemy.
    -100 XP
    -50 silver

    The take away from all this
    -Use AP judiciously. For now Cover is the only AP consuming option but there may other ones in the future.
    -Don't forget you have consumables to help you out even if they are not listed here (check your armory)
    -Pay attention to the Combat log. If any enemy starts acting suspicious, be prepared.
    -Some weapons do better damage to certain enemies.
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