What do you eat for breakfast?



  • Choobey
    Choobey Posts: 78 Member
    I eat 2 or 3 eggs and then bacon or a sausage, plus broccoli if I have it, or mushrooms. It fills me up until 12 or so, unless I have to work (which I work at 6am usually, so I am eating at around 5, and then I'm hungry at 10 or so, and I'll have a KIND bar).

    I think I am going to try eggs with some veggies and meat and see if that works. I love eggs anyway.
  • Watch_Me_Rise
    Watch_Me_Rise Posts: 301 Member
    Today i didn't eat breakfast :(.. But I usually do and I think eating anything fills me up until lunch, generally speaking. I like to diversify my breakfast, be it a banana, bagels, milk and kashi cereal, the carnation instant breakfast packets, frozen waffles, oatmeal and peanut butter... dang it, now I'm hungry for breakfast stuff..