Three years ago today I came home from Rehab.



  • esther617
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    Incredibly inspiring story! You look amazing! Thank you for sharing.
  • likitisplit
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    There are no words of congratulations that match the blessings that you have given yourself. Wow.
  • weblur
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    Wow. Amazing. Simply amazing!
  • jaireed
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    AMAZING! Loved reading this! Thanks for sharing! You look fantastic! Way to be a healthy roll model for your kids and give back to the community! Best all around success story I've read in a while!
  • BeFit_0419
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    Where there's a will ~ there's a way ! You just showed us that ! well done Joyzy
  • lilhope72
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    Wow!! Truly Amazing. You've just made every excuse I've ever used seem laughable.
  • bombshellcertification
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    What a turn around situation! Its like you hollered "cut" and then "Do over" only better best :) We don't know our own personal best until we push and look amazing, you are amazing & I love that you are sharing your success and joy with others at the Y!!! Paying it forward and back--Bravo senorita :)
  • kathleenjoyful
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    You are joy embodied. Creating a miracle of your own in healing your body.
  • Happy_Niss
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    Damn that's awesome!
  • AlysonG2
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    Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing!
  • muzichick
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    Wonderfully inspirational!
  • kjwalker59
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    Incredible! You are such an inspiration. I've had a hard time lately losing weight because I can't exercise while I wait for surgery. I was worried about gaining when I come home... but now I know it can be done - thanks so much!!
  • RenaPink11
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    Fantastic!!!!!!! Great inspiration!
  • ballito
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    Fantastic. You're a true inspiration. :flowerforyou:
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    Wow! You are awesome and amazing! :drinker: :flowerforyou: :love:
  • walleyclan1
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    Tears of pride in my eyes right now! You go girl!
  • Sharon_C
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    What an inspiration you are. I love this story. Congrats!

    My husband was the same way. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to relearn how to walk. He's running 5k's now so I understand how hard you had to work for this.
  • I am not one to post on here often but WOW ....that is an awesome story!!!! Congratulations to you for both doing it for you and for your family but now to also help others
  • typingathome
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    Thanks Joy... I really need the motivation... Going to try again!
    LTGPSA Posts: 633 Member
    Joy - Thank you for sharing your story. What a great read for me first thing this morning! You look fantastic! Great job! :flowerforyou: