Did you swim today?



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    What a fail. And I don't use that word lightly. I worked my schedule to end my day near the pool so that I could get in the lap lane before it got too busy. It all worked out according to plan. Until... I opened my backpack in the locker room and realized that I had forgotten my suit :( I used to have a spare suit and towel in my car, but I took everything out of my car with Covid since it was sitting in my driveway for months. Dangit! They refunded my money, but boy, am I out of my routine...
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    Oh no Girlwithcurls2! Nightmare! (I've been known to buy a suit rather than the shame of coming home again... but then, I like my suits...!)
    Welcome newbies!
    I've been swimming the last couple of weeks, plus restarting C25K. Apparently, whilst I counted 50 lengths (25m pool) in 40 mins, my Garmin said it was 1600m (60 lengths) = a MILE! I'll take that!
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    I did it. Back to the pool last night. I told myself to try for 30 min or so. See how it goes. It was hard. I won't lie. But after about 30 min, I started to get into my groove, just like I always do. So I kept going and got a mile in. I don't know how long it took because I forgot to check the time when I got out. I took a lot of breaks, but I did it. And this morning, I can feel it, and it feels GOOD! :)

    Onward... Let's make this a thing! (talking to myself here)
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    2250y yesterday. I can tell that it's my back and upper body that are going to need to get back in shape, in spite of the bodyweight routine I have been doing for two years. However, my endurance was really good. I got my mile in and decided to keep going. I have missed swimming!

    So, where is everybody? Anyone swimming?
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    1650y yesterday before a water fitness class. I'm feeling it today. I reinstated my membership to the center so that I'll be more committed. If I don't feel like going, I just picture slapping that cash on the counter and walking out. No way. It's prepaid, I'm going :)
  • girlwithcurls2
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    .5 mile yesterday. I'm either way out of practice or doing something wrong. My left arm is always more sore than my right arm. I spent some time just kicking with a board too. I forgot how hard (and slow) that is...
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    Today: 1 mile @ 47 minutes
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    @girlwithcurls2 Yes still swimming.
    New to the group and saying hello, I have just rejoined a gym with a pool and am trying to get back into it. 1000 m today in 35 mins, slow but it's a start :)

    @purrmonster Nothing wrong with that pace.
    I can remember when I could only get 5-600m in an hour.

    Still swimming just not posting very much.
    4-6 swims a week depending on pool schedule and work. Minimum 1000m, usually more.
    The local Triathlon is not happening this year due to the collapse of the Volunteer pools during covid.
    I use the 750m Sprint Distance to start my swims and then add in drills and differant strokes to build a good workout.
    In September the pool will close for the month for a fairly major maintenance - rebuild - Midlife crisis. A few of the Water handling pipes have developed leaks so they need to be replaced and since they are embedded in the Cement its a major tear down and rebuild. Two of the Pillars that support the Roof Beams have rust-corrosion that requires them to be checked/replaced?. Could be a 2 month shutdown.

    So hoping to get over 150km for the year.