Now, I'm Really Ready for The Hate...



  • msf74
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    Seems to me they focused all their attention on ONE song/scene and let the rest go to crap.


    Personally, I love "Frozen" and thought it was a great movie

    However, I can't discount the fact part if not most of that is because my eldest daughter loves it so much and listening to her sing along to all the songs makes me feel happy too....
  • ShannonS921
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    I agree completely!! I was not very impressed with either. I enjoyed Frozen way more than The Lego Movie, but it still wasn't close to my favorite. My favorite recent one is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was hilarious and I've watched it a hundred times!!
  • Jacwhite22
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    Frozen > Lego Movie. That said, the end of Lego Movie is great.....It's just a shame you have to wait through the rest of the movie to get to that point.
  • Good morning! I haven't watched Frozen (just didn't want to), or the Lego Movie (heard it was good from a fellow that works with me). My husband and I actually enjoy the kids movies more than the movies for adults. (We are both in our mid fifties!) Quite frankly, I don't want to see the violence and meaningless special effects that seem to be so prevalent in today's movies made for adults. Also, the foul language is just unnecessary! So, we opt for more mindless, yet not as offensive to us, movies.

    We also enjoy The Incredibles. Also, the Despicable Me movies are great!

    It's okay to like what you like! That's why so many different types of movies are made.
  • Eoghann
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    Personally I loved both Frozen and The LEGO Movie enough to watch them multiple times. I'm not sure why I'm supposed to care that someone else didn't though?

    On the other hand I find people who "don't watch kids movies" highly amusing. Come to think of it I would much rather watch the LEGO Movie than anything by Tarantino.
  • Escloflowne
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    I was so disappointed with the Lego Movie, I almost turned it off after an hour. It had so much potential!
  • Alluminati
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  • whovian67
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    I'm with you! I wanted to like it, everyone said it was amazing. I was so bored!! I didn't even finish it.

    Agree. Bought it for my grandson.. it Blew....

    Let it Go.... Let it Go...the cold never bothered me anyway....... :)
  • amethyst7986
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    I agree the Lego movie was quite hate from me here. I sometimes catch myself watching kids movies because nothing else is on or out at the theaters. I did enjoy watching Malificient as did my 12 year old daughter and 3 year cousin
  • UsedToBeHusky
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    I love Will Ferrell!

    And I think you missed the message. It wasn't "share-your-toys-with-your-kid". It was "just-because-you-have-toys-doesn't-mean-you-still-know-how-to-have-fun".
  • LadyCouerlyn
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    Hype has a weird way of influencing how I feel about a show. If it isn't something I was initially excited about -- as I was with Frozen -- but everyone is just ranting and raving about how good it is, I will NOT watch it for an extended period of time. I will wait until my ears are no longer being mauled with its praising. If I watch it while it's hyped, I feel that I come to expect more out of it than is really fair. This being said, I haven't watched The Lego Movie yet. It wasn't something that I initially HAD to watch, and so now I will wait until I feel the time is right!

    If you're an anime fan at all, or have at least heard of/have a general feel for how old the series are, I didn't start watching Naruto until this year. Fullmetal Alchemist came out when I was in High School, and I didn't watch it until about two years later. In the end, Fullmetal is now one of my favourites, and I've watched it thrice, along with Brotherhood twice, and the movies several times each. Naruto is okay -- not my favourite, but it isn't terrible either. Had I watched it during its hype, I definitely wouldn't have liked it.

    With all that being said and done, to each his own! I think it's silly to bash someone else because their personal taste doesn't match your own.
  • KelARita7
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    I liked parts of it and thought it was really cute. There were definitely slow parts to the movie...had a lot of ups and downs for sure.
  • jtotheno
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    Umm.. who said this movie was for kids? This movie was for anyone that grew up playing Lego. Every single thing in that movie was 100% correct to the original Lego, and a geek like me thoroughly enjoyed that. The movie itself- I didn't love it, didn't hate it. The intention to detail thrilled me.
    But, the theater was 99% adults and 1% children when I went.

    Frozen.. not that great at all.
  • No_Finish_Line
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    sorry to hear a children's movie disappointed you
  • Snail_Whale
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    I go into kids movies without expectations know...the main targeted audience is children. Anything an adult may find entertaining is just an added bonus.

    That said, though, I get what you mean. Lego Movie wasn't as good as it could be.

    IMHO, it was alright. I liked the concepts and the visuals. I liked the idea of "master builder" and the characters using the blocks to build what they needed. Other than that....meh. My size year old son went apesh*t, though.

    What got from it...the father took Lego seriously and demanded order, followed instructions, and got upset when his kids played with his stuff...essentially taking the fun out of Lego. Much like the villain. The son saw Lego as a toy and something to have fun with. Sets should intermingle, instructions optional, yadda yadda. The master builders. How they interacted with the Lego influenced the Lego Lego world was really imaginary. The movie was about how people interact with Lego. The son gave the Lego "life" while the father "craggled" it. The Lego people were free once the father changed. It's about not losing your inner child or creativity.
  • ThinLizzie0802
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    Loved The Lego Movie. Cracked my **** up. I thought it was hilarious and sweet.
  • wolverine66
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    I'm assuming you guys have kids, I mean, why else would you watch a kids movie?

    I don't care how good people say it is, or how many awards it won; I don't have kids = I don't watch kids movies.

    You tell 'em, Steve Dave!
  • TeachTheGirl
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    I agreed with you on Frozen, but disagreeing on the Lego Movie.

    It's awesome.

    Because...Everything is Awesome~
  • BinaryPulsar
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    In October I'm taking my kids to see The Book of Life. I like taking them to the movies.