• femme_niste
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    Glad someone called the vegan police in on this issue! I was really confused as I haven't eaten eggs, dairy. meat or any variation thereof for over two years but have recently decided to include honey in my diet so long as it was locally sourced and organically produced... but it turns out I'm not vegan afterall!

    I guess I'll have to go buy a bacon cheese burger now, right?

    Hope that you now realize the fault in your all-or-nothing thinking. This irked me.
  • aedreana
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    Some words are open to interpretation, or clarification. "Vegan" is not such a word.

    For example: I have blond hair. My hair is ivory-blond with no red in it. NO ONE is ever going to describe my hair as red or brown! However, many shades of blond border on brown or red..And so, one person will describe someone's hair as "blond," someone else will describe that same person's hair as "red," and someone else will call it "strawberry-blond." And none of those three people will be inaccurate in their description.

    For example: I am 5' 3 1/2" and 111 pounds. You know how on social media sites, you're offered the option of calling yourself either "Slim/slender" or "Average?" I lean toward selecting the "Slim/slender" option, but not without hesitation. Either option could conceivably describe me, because those are relative terms.

    For example: I consume a vegan diet. A "vegan" diet is free of ALL animal substances. Honey contains flower nectar. AND bee enzymes. I do not consume honey.

    Apparently, "I eat vegan, but I eat honey" is the new "I am a vegetarian, but I eat fish." "Vegan," by definition, means ZERO animal ingredients. There are no degrees of "vegan." There are "lacto-", "lacto-ovo," and "ovo-" vegetarians. And. vegetarians who eat honey.

    Vegans who eat honey? No such thing!
  • baldmitch
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    I eat vegan, but if honey wheat bread is the only thing I have with which to shell my meatless, dairy-less sammy, I'm not going to go into an existential quandary about exactly who I am and what I espouse. I have made a lot of culinary sacrifices, gladly, and have the results to prove it.

    Sometimes ya just run out of dark pumpernickel, and have to make do.