Sound off! What exercise did you do today?



  • Just about to go for a walk along the canal where I live to the town centre which takes 20 mins there and back and also a walk round the centre so 60 mins in all xx
  • I love Aqua fit too I g0 twice a week x
  • conetah24
    conetah24 Posts: 45 Member
    Yesterday was dreaded LEG DAY! Mile run with 3 minute cool down, 15 minute arc trainer!
  • joeysgirl10
    joeysgirl10 Posts: 106 Member
    30 minutes on treadmill this morning.... going back for another 30 or more tonight.
  • honololo
    honololo Posts: 10 Member
    Walking and hiking for 90 minutes, about 10,750 steps! Need to get a grip since labor day!
  • Crochetluvr
    Crochetluvr Posts: 3,144 Member
    Spent an hour on my exercise bike.....burned 450 calories!
  • 120 Minutes Treadmill 3.0 MPH...
  • jenmarie2012
    jenmarie2012 Posts: 180 Member
    Took my pup Sadie for a nice long walk this morning. I am also doing a 30 day plank and Bulgarian challenge so will be doing that in just a little bit. Today was mostly a relax/off day. : )
  • yturie47
    yturie47 Posts: 170 Member
    Texas Darling ---Love your description. You should see me trying to pretend to be a dancer :0
  • afrodizzia
    afrodizzia Posts: 56 Member
    I have just finished 45 minutes on Elliptical trainer. Will try and shuffle a 5k later this evening.
    I'm super excited about working out and seem to have this renewed burst of energy.

    Long May it Last!!!!!
  • 2 miles on the elliptical and 30 day shred
  • jakelegs
    jakelegs Posts: 4 Member
    Did SL 5x5 (squat 100lb, bench press 75 lbs, rows 80 lbs) and mowed the lawn for an hour and a half. Tired!
  • laura0770
    laura0770 Posts: 161 Member
    30 minutes of Zumba and kettle bell swings
  • jenmarie2012
    jenmarie2012 Posts: 180 Member
    I got up and was motivated. Had a little too much fun with friends last night so I kicked my butt...... Walked my pup...went back out and did sprint intervals and finished with yoga ???????? tonight I will work with weights ???????????????? ☺
  • vette49
    vette49 Posts: 96 Member
    DVD exercise program.
  • socalkay
    socalkay Posts: 746 Member
    half-hour on stationary bike
  • ChristineCain
    ChristineCain Posts: 76 Member
    I try and get out and take a walk every day on my lunch break. Depending on what all I have going on, I can log anywhere from 1 mile to 2 1/2 miles on my break. Not only is it exercise (duh :wink: ) but it gets me out in the fresh air & away from the same 4 walls that confine me for 8 hrs a day. After work, I try & get out to walk some more, do a weight training set, ride a bike, etc. I get bored easily so I need to move :blushing:
  • mazzzery
    mazzzery Posts: 13 Member
    Running after my nephew at the park count?. Considering I havn`t done any excersise in so long, and an hour heavy lifting, tiding the front of the house.
  • rmorrison01
    rmorrison01 Posts: 6 Member
    i did yoga booty balley goddess booty
  • Staffspec
    Staffspec Posts: 11 Member
    woke up late so only 30 minutes elliptical and 5 minutes rowing, plus stretches.